Do you want to sell your house or apartment quickly? Painting, decorative makeover, small works: home staging is the solution to enhance and modernise your property in order to sell it quickly. This article offers you 12 strong ideas of home-staging to realize yourself for a house or an apartment to make you dream. The home-staging is the solution to enhance and modernise your house or apartment in order to sell it quickly. Small works, cleaning, painting, relooking decoration cheap, the home-staging allows you to empty, tidy, depersonalize and modernize your property for sale. The main idea? To make sure that any potential buyer can project himself in each room from the first glance. And also, to show him that he will have little work to do once the property has been purchased. One important thing to remember: the seller must always put himself in the buyer's shoes, to know whether or not he would buy the property as is.

Repairing damage and finishing small jobs that are never finished

It's difficult to close a sale if the apartment or house is full of repairs and small finishing work pending. In fact, who would like to buy a property that is in a state of disrepair that would cause an additional expense to the purchase price of the apartment? An electric wire that hangs, an exposed socket, a chipped window pane, a leaky tap, a wallpaper that curls or peels off, a small hole in the wall, a shower head in poor condition, a missing door handle: all these damages, even minor ones, must be repaired before a property is put up for sale.

De-clutter the space in your house or apartment for sale

Furniture with an overly pronounced decorative style or that which is no longer used and unnecessarily embarrasses the living space can be a pest when selling your property. The future buyer will have the feeling of being in an old-fashioned house that lacks space. It is therefore strongly advised to empty out the overflow of old-fashioned or bulky furniture to free up as much space as possible. Always keep in mind: when you buy a property, you are above all buying m2.

Remove anything intimate and personal.

Wedding photos in the bedroom, children's drawings on the living room wall, posters in the teenagers' bedroom: we depersonalize the decoration to help the future buyer to imagine himself in the place. Don't forget that everyone has their own space configuration: the potential buyer may wish to install a desk in the current teenager's room. Therefore, remove anything intimate to help the future owner project himself into the rooms of your house or apartment.

Tidy up the house or apartment from the garage to the attic.

An untidy house or apartment can quickly leave a bad impression. Indeed, the potential buyer will be persuaded that you do not take care of your property which is not to reassure him. And, the disorder also leads to a feeling of smaller rooms and therefore of square meters lost stupidly. Putting your living space in order with beds made, toys tidy, a tidy library is essential to enhance the value of the rooms, enlarge them visually and also, leave a good general impression.

Freshen up the walls with white or clear paint.

A 70's inspired wallpaper with large psychedelic flowers or an ocean blue mural no longer corresponds at all to the expectations of future buyers. This type of wallpaper leaves an impression of bad taste and an old-fashioned image of the property being visited. In order to adapt to everyone's taste, it is imperative to repaint your walls with white paint or in a light shade. A pure wall covering brings clarity, enlarges and harmonizes the space. And don't lose sight of the main objective of home staging: to depersonalize your decoration to enhance the value of the property and please the greatest number of potential buyers.

Redesigning your interior layout

Your house or apartment must be harmoniously and strategically arranged to be as attractive as possible. For example, it is advisable to open the kitchen to the living room - and therefore to break down a partition - to visually enlarge the room and bring it a nice luminosity. Indeed, opening up the rooms offers an impression of space, clarity and therefore a cleverly arranged property. Another idea: change the position of some key pieces of furniture, such as the sofa, to structure the space and make the room more pleasant to live in.

Assigning a real function to each room

If one of your rooms is used as a storage room, offer it a real function by setting up a desk and suggest that it can be used as a dressing room. If you have a living/dining room space, you can visually delineate the two rooms by installing a dividing base unit, playing with colour or using a sofa to clarify circulation. The idea? Structure the space to show the potential buyer how he or she can use the m2.

Revamping old furniture with patina

Rather than spending huge sums of money on new furniture, give your old wooden furniture a facelift by giving it a patina. The patina is ideal to personalize your old furniture with a small budget. An old rustic wardrobe regains its splendour and modernity while retaining the charm of yesteryear. Another idea: removing the heavy shaped wooden doors from the sideboard lightens the composition and offers a modern mini library where you can show off your most decorative objects.

Add decorative touches at a low cost

Supermarkets offer inexpensive decoration accessories that can quickly reboost a house or apartment at a lower cost. Place a few candles on a coffee table, a pretty mirror on a sideboard and colourful cushions on a black leather sofa: your property regains lustre and attraction for the potential buyer. This tastefully worked decoration will certainly be a good point to provoke a potential purchase: the future buyer will keep the image of a nicely decorated property.

Make your home brighter

A dark room, which lacks light, can be an obstacle to the sale of a property. It seems less welcoming and also, smaller than a bright room. In addition to light colours or shiny materials that bring brightness, remove thick curtains from your windows and put on lighter curtains that let in natural light. You can also use accent lights such as a floor lamp to highlight a piece of furniture or hang mirrors on the walls to capture natural light. In short, don't forget: light is an asset for the sale of a property.

Highlighting beautiful furniture

If you are lucky enough to own beautiful furniture in a trendy decorative style, don't hesitate to showcase it. Avoid installing them in the corners, which is not very flattering. Highlight them, in the centre of the room or as a divider between two spaces. The idea? Enhance a room and thus seduce the potential buyer.

Care for your garden, balcony or terrace

If you have a garden, balcony or terrace, the buyer should also be able to throw himself into it, sipping a drink on the balcony or playing with his children in the garden. Washing windows, mowing the lawn, putting away rubbish bins, installing cosy furniture, collecting dead leaves, putting in a trendy floor such as grating, are all points to be taken into account to enhance the value of your outdoor space and thus seduce the potential buyer. You can also complete the installation with colourful planters and pretty flowering plants.