Do you want to sell your apartment or house at high speed without having to go through major renovations? It's easy! Opt for home staging. For many people, it's the decoration solution capable of highlighting and giving a new lease of life to a property, without breaking the budget. However, assimilated by others as a "hide-and-seek" technique, home staging does not make friends. Approved by many television programmes, home staging consists of offering a new look to your property in order to sell it faster. Painting, makeover decoration, small works ... There is no shortage of tips and tricks from interior decorators! But, if the cost of a home staging remains low (less than 5% of the selling price, on average), wouldn't it be better to invest a little more and leave a clean house to the new owners? It's up to you to decide.

Home-staging: the cons

Certainly very advantageous in terms of budget, hunting to save money, home staging plays the card of recuperation to the fullest. The result? A low quality decoration, depersonalized to excess and which is cruelly lacking charm... Another black point of home staging: the camouflage of the small and large defects of the property for sale. So stop hiding things!

Home-staging: the pros

The essence of home staging is to take the clutter out of the house, remove personal decorations and freshen up the walls and floors. This way, the buyer can project himself more easily and can imagine where he is going to place this or that piece of furniture in the space. The big positive point of home staging? It is very inexpensive, only 5% of the selling price of the property on average, and thus allows, with a bit of trickery, to earn a few euros to reinvest in the new house. Clever, isn't it?