"How do you sell your apartment quickly? Which rooms in the house should be given priority for viewing?" So many delicate questions and anxieties on this subject could not be more complex... Find below, our tips and tricks to help you sell your property in the best possible way, with the help and insight of a real estate agent. You wish to sell your apartment? It's been on the market for several months and still no requests to visit it? No need to stress: this article will help you with tips and tricks to quickly conclude the sale of your apartment or house.

Choosing the right time to sell your apartment

There are two key moments in the year when you are more likely to have a concrete sale of your home. At the beginning of the school year (beginning of September until mid-October) and in spring (beginning of March until the end of April). Why is this? Because these two periods are synonymous with renewal and new projects. Potential buyers abound during these two phases. In addition, the weather conditions are more favourable (in terms of brightness) to enhance the space and the furniture.

Clearly define the price of your property for sale

This is the most important and most difficult point, because we have to find the right price. A price that is too high will often be accompanied by a long waiting time and almost non-existent visits that will devalue the property over time. A too low price will have the opposite effect: many calls, e-mails, requests for daily and continuous visits... Real estate agents have to juggle 3 factors to determine the most adequate price: Understanding the characteristics of the property (= Identifying the main strengths and weaknesses.) Placing them in the context of the current real estate market (= in relation to similar sales, offers on the market, anticipating economic and political factors...) Managing the seller's expectations (= Often very subjective, due to a strong emotional bond with his own home. However, the vision must be realistic and not personal). The trick is to find the right balance. In short, it is not advisable to set a price on one's own, with only similar offers in the neighbourhood as references, for example.

Prefer weekends for visits to your apartment.

Even if this is unusual, it is preferable to schedule visits to your apartment for sale on weekends. Potential buyers are generally more relaxed and more available than during the week. If their mood is not in the right mood, the conditions will not be favourable. All these elements must be taken into account to maximise your chances of a quick sale.

The owner must try to be absent during visits to the property.

It is preferable that the buyer and seller meet only when the deed of sale is signed before the notary. If the owner cannot do otherwise for the day of the visits, his presence is conceivable, provided he is discreet. It should be as small as possible so as not to interfere between the potential buyer and the estate agent. He can bounce on certain things, give anecdotes, but must remain as measured as possible in his remarks to avoid any risk of misunderstandings.It would be best if the landlord simply answers the questions filtered and passed on by the estate agent.

Opt for a neutral decoration of the property

It is strongly recommended that a neutral style and atmosphere be adopted for visits. Potential buyers must be able to identify with the apartment, see themselves living there and evolve over time. Family photos and personal objects are to be avoided. Discretion is essential, so that future buyers quickly feel at home, in tune with the space.

Create a structured layout for visits to the apartment

You get better results when the apartment is set up for a visit. It is not a question of changing the habitat, but of remodelling it for a large flow of visitors. Nothing must hinder these potential buyers. They must have access to every nook and cranny of the house without great difficulty. If this is not the case, the owner probably has things to hide, to conceal. And from that moment on, if suspicion enters the picture, succeeding in selling his apartment will become a more difficult task.