Just like buying, selling a home is carefully prepared. To put all the assets on your side, think about every detail. Discover our 10 tips for selling your property. Are you selling your property and want to do it as quickly as possible? Put all the chances on your side by following our advice.

Have the mandatory property diagnostics drawn up

The first thing to do is to ask for the mandatory diagnoses to be made by a diagnostician. To sell, you must have the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnostic) which must mention in its text the energy label attributed to your home, as well as the technical diagnosis file (DDT) which includes all the diagnoses of your property whether it is a detached house, a house or a condominium. These documents must be given to the buyer before signing the preliminary sales agreement. Be careful with their validity. Not all diagnoses have the same validity period.

Take care of the decoration for visits

Selling in the best conditions and quickly requires preparing your accommodation for visits and making it pleasant to discover. A few tips can help you do this. The intervention of a "home staging" specialist can be effective in revealing the potential of all the rooms. If you think it is necessary, do not hesitate to contact one. It has been proven that it is faster to sell an apartment that has been brought up to date, free of furniture that is sometimes very bulky or too personalized. The buyer will be able to project himself more easily in a refined space.

Estimate the property at the right price with experts

The real estate price of a property is not easy to define and depends on several factors! And the estimate is a very important step for the rest of the sale. The ideal is to ask for several estimates of value from real estate agencies. That way, you can compare them and put it at the right price. If you overestimate it, you may have to wait a long time before selling it ...

Valorize the assets of your property

If you are selling on your own, establish the pluses and minuses of your home. Don't try to hide certain defects from your visitors, an omission that could be blamed on you later, especially if it looks like a hidden defect. The potential buyer will inevitably ask you a lot of questions. Don't go ahead of his requests but know how to answer them (schools, equipment, safety, noise, neighbourhood, planned projects in the area...). If you wish to avoid taking on all the visits yourself, knowing that they take time, no doubt that a real estate agent is more appropriate for your project.

Opt for an efficient real estate agency

The real estate agent takes all the drudgery out of your life: visits, administrative procedures... He knows how to spot the "walkers" of buyers with a real project, and thus saves you from wasting precious time. Opt for an agency with good visibility in the neighbourhood. But avoid real estate agents who are in too much of a hurry and who barely take the time to listen to you. You are paying for a service that should provide real added value.

Check the visibility of your real estate ad

Make sure that the real estate agent showcases your property, both in his showcase website and on his website, or even on a real estate portal, and that he includes beautiful photos or why not virtual tours. The quality of the images is vital and should make you want to visit your property. Ask for visit reports To find out exactly if your real estate agent is doing his or her job properly, ask for visit reports at regular intervals.

Offer to purchase and preliminary sales agreement: is it as binding?

A notary's answer on video. Maître Stéphane Adler explains the difference between these two documents.

Respect your commitment

If you go through a real estate agency, signing a mandate commits you. You cannot, for example, sell directly to a candidate whom he has presented to you on the pretext that you will thus avoid paying his fees. You could be attacked by the real estate agent.