Becoming a homeowner is a beautiful and great life project. To successfully embark on this adventure this year, take the time to discover all the options available to you at each step of your real estate project. It's the best way to make your real estate acquisition a success. Do you want to buy a home in 2020? You are thinking about the total amount of the operation, the type of property, its location? Here is our advice to help you prepare your real estate project.

Prepare your real estate purchase well

Concentrate on the most important points of your property search: the number of rooms, the type of property, new or old, house or apartment, in town or elsewhere. Each can be a source of substantial savings. You can win and lose on all fronts: price, financing, ancillary costs, work. A real estate purchase becomes a reality gradually. It takes time, and it's best to be ready when you make your decision.

Project yourself in the future and in your property

Buying, and becoming an owner, is a nice resolution. You can afford it, but are you sure you can go the distance? Your real estate purchase will put you in debt for 15, 20 or 25 years. Many things can happen over such a long period of time. It is therefore essential to ask yourself the right questions before taking the plunge: Is your professional situation solid? Do you expect your income to grow steadily? Do you intend to have children? Is the property you covet likely to be able to accommodate them or will you have to change it after a few years?

Get advice from real estate professionals.

To buy well, get a clear picture of the market. To do this, you can consult the studies published by specialist federations, agency networks, notaries, etc. However, nothing beats a field survey. This is why it is a good idea to get advice from professionals who will provide you with information on prices and properties for sale in the town or district in which you wish to settle. Registering your search in a local agency or creating alerts on ad portals will allow you to be as responsive as possible.

Have a little method in your real estate searches

In terms of property search, first of all make a list of your requirements: comfort, neighbourhood, transport... Make sure that you express your wishes clearly, in order to avoid wasting time. Visit as many properties as possible that correspond to your criteria. You will need to spend some time on it. But it's not a waste of time since each visit will allow you to refine your criteria: a high floor, a terrace, a garden, separate toilets... and to come back to some of them if you fall in love with them.