New agencies have recently appeared on the real estate sales market. Changing one of the last big traditional sectors in France, the new real estate agencies promise efficiency and transparency. Have you ever heard of Immo Pop, Welmo or Hosman? These neo-real estate agencies have decided to break the codes of the real estate sector by relying on digital tools.

Between estate agencies and the PAP: a new path

If you wish to sell a property, what solutions are available to you? Go through a traditional estate agency - but this has a cost. On average 5% of the selling price of a property. Dealing with the matter yourself, between private individuals - which requires a certain expertise and time. Use a neo-agency.

The real estate agency reinvented?

The revolution brought about by neo-agencies? An increased service, at a lower cost, and the particularity is to put the customer experience and the quality of service at the heart of the offer. We use digital technology, which allows us to charge fair rates - we don't have agencies - and to be more efficient and transparent, but we also value the human factor and the work of the estate agent, which we can't do without.

Digital tools at the service of individuals

Unlike a traditional estate agency, the neo-real estate agency does not take a commission, but a fixed fee of 4,900 euros payable only when the sale is effective, regardless of the size of the property for sale. A seller's area is, for example, accessible 24 hours a day, indicating visits, offers or even the documents making up the file. A tool for making appointments online is proposed, to simplify the management of visits and improve the experience of the potential buyer. We have in fact automated everything that could be automated, leaving it up to the estate agents to manage the negotiation, the contact with the buyer or the seller, give advice and organise the visits. "For each advertisement, a map, a virtual visit, photos and a very complete description are proposed.

One more choice for buyers and sellers

Like many large groups, the digital revolution is well underway in real estate, allowing sellers and buyers to choose between different solutions for their real estate projects. An innovative sector, therefore, that never ceases to surprise for more transparency and to simplify this stressful stage of life for individuals.