Real estate : tips and tricks to sell well

We offer some genuine tips and tricks from professionals to help you sell your property in the best conditions.

3 crucial tips to sell your property

Put your property for sale at the right price

The potential buyer scours online real estate ad sites and scans the market. The same goes for sellers: compare similar properties for sale and don’t overestimate the price! Do not think that you will lower the price later: the negotiation comes much later, after the visits.

Enhance your property’s vale and image

Help buyers project themselves, by highlighting the potential of the property. Filling in a few holes in the wall, doing the finishing touches or getting rid of a cowhide floor will serve to make the place reassuring. Otherwise, why not use a home stager?

Preparing for visits properly is crucial

The visit is not an unpleasant moment or an annoying formality, on the contrary! Welcome your potential buyers as you would do for your guests, with a smile and enthusiasm and without forgetting to know your home’s properties at your fingertips.

“Depersonalize” your home’s interior!

It is essential to “neutralize” as much as possible the interior decoration of the property you wish to sell. Why is it important to do this? Quite simply because potential buyers may not share your taste in decoration. In the event of inheritance, it is for example strongly advised to put the boar’s head which thrones on the wall of the dining room of your grandfather’s late grandfather in the closet! Not to mention that it is easier for a potential buyer to project himself/herself into a “normal” house rather than into an interior strongly marked by the previous occupant’s imprint. For instance, your 13-year-old son, a rap fan, will have a hard time imagining himself in the candy-pink bedroom of an 8-year-old princess. And we understand him!

Real estate agency

Why not choose the real estate agency route?

L’agent immobilier vous facilite toutes les corvées de la vie : visites, démarches administratives… Il/Elle sait différencier les acquéreurs potentiels porteurs d’un projet immobilier de ceux qui sont moins sérieux dans l’achat de votre bien, et économise ainsi vous de perdre un temps précieux. Vous pouvez consulter INVESTMENT SUCCESS LIFE pour en savoir plus sur l’investissement immobilier.

N’oubliez pas de vous tourner vers une agence avec une bonne visibilité dans le quartier. Il faut cependant éviter les agents immobiliers trop pressés qui prennent à peine le temps de vous écouter. Vous payez pour un service qui doit apporter une réelle valeur ajoutée !

More important reflexes to have

You’re selling a place
to live in

More than a home, it is a living environment that you are selling, not a meaningless place. In your description, insist on quality of life. Mention the proximity of green spaces, the lively or peaceful atmosphere of the neighborhood, the transportation links, the proximity of sports facilities, the breathtaking view, etc.

Anticipating negotiations
is key!

Here comes the right moment of the negotiation you have prepared in advance. Don’t give the buyer the opportunity to take advantage of the urgency of your projects (your bridging loan, your imminent transfer 400 km away…) to harden the negotiations. In any case, it’s better not to mention your personal projects!

Check the visibility of your
real estate ad

Make sure that the real estate agent showcases your property, both in his/her shop window and online, or even on a real estate portal, and that he/she includes beautiful photos or even virtual tours of the house. The quality of the photos is vital and should make people want to visit your home.

Choose flattering photos of your property

20 seconds: this is the time given for a potential buyer to have a “crush” on your house. 60% of the remaining time is spent reviewing photos. The solution for attracting attention is to put online images with several points of view and to guarantee optimal luminosity in your interior.

Watch out for these not so obvious details!

Demand visit reports

In order to find out exactly if your real estate agent is doing his or her job properly, ask for visit reports at regular intervals.

Prepare your sale dossier

If you are handling the sale of your property on your own, prepare a dossier with all the documents that the potential buyer is likely to need.

Watch out for offers

If the future buyer makes you a lower offer, don’t necessarily refuse right away. Instead, say that you will think about it and call him/her soon.

Respect your commitment

If you go through a real estate agency, signing a mandate is considered as a commitment. You cannot, for example, sell directly to a candidate whom they have presented to you on the pretext that you will avoid paying their fees. You could be attacked by the real estate agency!

Some tricks to help you sell faster

Wait for the right
moment to sell

On the seller’s side, the good period is the one during which there is : lots of buyers; a small number of similar properties on the market; attractive interest rates. If you’re in no hurry to sell, it is better to wait for favourable economic conditions.

Don’t give exclusivity to a
real estate agency

The major risk of the exclusive mandate is that the seller could opt for an agency that will let the case drag on. Another weak point is that the seller who succeeds in selling the property on his/her own will still have to pay his/her commission to the agency.

Do not hide
housing defects

Each home has defects. Instead of trying to hide them at all costs, it is better to think about how to put them into perspective: by being transparent about the shortcomings of the property, the seller will create a relationship of trust with the buyer.

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